How to link Shopify with Shopitag
If you're already using Shopify today, the first question you have when you read Shopitag's proposition might be: "why should I switch to Shopitag?". The short answer is: you shouldn't, because Shopitag works in complement with Shopify.

Complementary – how?

The long answer is: Shopitag offers functionalities no other webshop technology does, like allowing you to build multiple actionable shops linked to certain periods in time, deals or certain promotional campaigns (which is the reason why we refer to Shopitag as an online 'pop-up' shop platform).

This lends your marketing and sales strategies more focus and oomph, and makes them more likely to result in actual sales, because let's be honest – most webshops today are just a cute add-on that don't result in huge waves of sales.

Shopitag allows you to import products from your existing Shopify shop so that you don't have to waste time to do the same product input twice.

Say that you're running a Facebook ad specific to one product. You can link this ad to your Shopitag webshop and your prospective customer will immediately land on a buy page for that very product, instead of having to wade through an interminable amount of screens, product overviews and pages full of useless content.

So how do I do it?

First, in the Shopitag CMS, go to 'Settings' in the left hand menu bar, then click on 'Webshop settings'. Once you're there, click the button 'Create a webshop link'. You need to fill in your Shopify URL and API keys data.
In this article, we're using a Shopify store, but the process is similar for other webshop types. To find your Shopify API keys, you need to go to 'Apps' in the left side menu of Shopify and then go to 'Manage private apps' and then add a private app. Your API keys and password will appear. Copy-paste them into the appropriate field in Shopitag and set your VAT rate.
Once these settings have been saved, you can go in Shopitag to 'My products' and click on the button 'From my webshop'. The following prompt will take you through the appropriate steps to add your Shopify product, and you're done once you save everything!

So now you're there, and you can start enjoying the benefits of having a complementary webshop that actually works for your campaigns and marketing strategies!

If you have any further questions or if something isn't going as planned, please feel free to contact us.
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