Campaign shops that
fix your conversion rate
Create online campaign shops that run together
with your webshop
What Shopitag does different
Shopitag is unlike other e-commerce systems out there. With Shopitag you can create multiple small campaign shops. The ideal solution if you run publicity campaigns, including online ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you sell 1 product, 5 products or a big bunch of products,
with Shopitag you can split your products over multiple small shops
and easily test what works and doesn't work. A/B testing for e-commerce.

Compare your results. Improve your product offer. Witness your revenues grow.

Webshop owner questions
As Shopitag takes a different approach than other webshops,
we're happy to list some common questions
Do I have to replace my webshop with your shop system?
No. You can run Shopitag pop-up shops perfectly next to your existing webshop, it is complementary.
Can I link my webshop with my Shopitag account?
Yes, that's possible. You can link webshop systems like Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, and other systems. If you have a custom webshop system, we will probably not be able to import products, but we can send any order towards your platform.
How do people get to such pop-up shop? They type a URL?
Pop-up shops don't come with an URL. Your existing webshop has an URL, but the Shopitag pop-up shops don't. In Shopitag we instruct you how you can link your Shopitag shop to Facebook ads, e-mail campaigns, Instagram etc...
I don't have a webshop, I only have a website
That's fine. You can generate a buy button that you can put on your website, or use e-mail campaigns to trigger the receiver into buying your products.
Why would I use Shopitag when I already have a webshop?
The most popular question :) With Shopitag we wanted to create a new, fresh approach to e-commerce. We know a lot of webshop owners that seek for tools that increase the conversion rate on their webshop. To help these webshop businesses, we created a solution that is perfectly complementary with your existing webshop, and that has only one focus: create sales momentum and make use of it.

Let's give you a concrete example how Shopitag is different: imagine a Facebook ad where you show a pants, a shoe and a shirt. Where do you currently send people to? To your page about pants? The page about shoes? Or shirts? And since they come via Facebook, do you auto-create an account based on their Facebook profile? If the answer is no, and you believe your conversion rate is low, than it's time to consider a Shopitag account.
Any other reasons to use Shopitag next to my webshop?
Next to publicity campaigns, we have customers that use it for cross-border campaigns. Selling in other countries often requires changes to the existing webshop, and its easier to set up a pop-up shop for that. Further, we have customers that run specific A/B testing on product groups, and apply the result to their webshop.
What to expect
Campaign driven shops
For every publicity campaign, open a new Shopitag shop and close the pop-up shop when the campaign is finished. You can run multiple shops at the same time.
Link them with your own shop
Our solution is integrated with ecommerce systems like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and several others.
You execute. We measure.
We keep track of all the products that you sell. Who is buying. Whether they come via mobile or via desktop. Which payments work.
Checkout in Shopitag
For optimal checkout and conversion rates, we implemented an own checkout procedure, that maximizes the likelihood of conversion, up till 30% conversion.
Want to fix your conversion rate?
Sign up for a free shop and get those campaigns running. Witness the improved conversion rates.