Shopitag press and media kit

The short bite

Shopitag is like growth hacking for e-commerce: a platform to quickly test your e-commerce strategy and to find out your ideal mix of sales channels, products and location (market). Its tight integration with popular channels as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook Messenger enables seamless shopping — especially for mobile users, because it requires no registration and shoppers can go directly to the product(s) they see advertised without browsing through an entire shop.

Shopitag is for e-commerce starters what it says on the tin: in under 30 minutes, it lets you set up an online pop-up shop. It requires no prior skills, allows full customization and you can link it to any of the channels you use today to communicate with your customers.

With the introduction of advanced plans, companies can opt for the "Shopitag Plus". These plans are characterized with bold features like dynamic pop-up shops, real-time personalization, conversational commerce and API connectivity. The plans were introduced as an answer to the request for more bespoke scenarios, where customer intimacy and generation of new revenues are priorities for the business clients.
The longer bite

We often say that 'in e-commerce, there is only 1 guarantee: that there are no guarantees'. A merchant can spend 50.000 euro or dollars on a webshop, only to find out he doesn't make a single sale.

What if there was a tool that allows to test the market, before spending that same 50.000 euro/dollar? A platform, where business owners can test assumptions, find out their prefered markets, their best scoring products, the sales channels to use... welcome to Shopitag!

Shopitag allows businesses to start online pop-up shops with a contextual relevant offering. These shops can be linked to any sales channel the merchant prefers, and the results of these tests can be follow in the dashboard.

Shopitag is not at all an exclusive solution to end all other web shops. On the contrary, it can work together with an existing web shop infrastructure to give businesses some room for experimentation or conduct A/B-testing.

Also, its ease of use is in no way contradictory to the more adventurous spirit some businesses have about e.g. chat bot technology or API fiddling. Shopitag's API allows developers the necessary freedom to repurpose it to their own needs — or the needs of their own customers. For instance, marketing agencies, banks or telecom players with business offers can make Shopitag part of their offer to the SME and start-up segment.

At the end of the day, Shopitag is not only about boosting conversion for the business, it is also about providing convenience and removing all friction at the consumer's side. Having these two in balance creates powerful relationships. No longer will desperate entrepreneurs have to throw up their hands in frustration and ask "what the shop?".

Want to know more?

Who created Shopitag?

Shopitag is created and operated by Infinity Mobile, a Belgian company specialised in the domain of chat bots and e-commerce. It has delivered successful e-commerce solutions for global brands such as Unilever (Omo, Rexona), Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Givenchy (LVMH), Heineken (Miller beer) and Cadbury.

Feature recap

· Set-up in less than 30 minutes

· Linked with Facebook & Instagram Ads

· Linked with Facebook Messenger (chat bots)

· Linked with Intercom (chat widget on site)

· Integrated with Facebook pages (mobile/desktop)

· Click-tap-collect and delivery scenarios

· Customized styling of popup shops

· 'Buy now' button generator

Advanced Plans features

· API connectivity for bespoke scenarios

· Creation of dynamic "on-the-fly" pop-up shops

· Real-time product offer personalisation

· Multi-lingual and multi-currency (available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch)

· Integration possibilities with existing webshops

· Integration with 17+ payment service providers

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