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Why Messenger chatbots via Shopitag?
Selling 24/24 on Facebook Messenger, now made easy via Shopitag
Amazing Open Rates
Compared to e-mail, where open rates are below 15%, when a bot sends a message, open rates are between 70% and 90%
Always available
A bot is always there. 24/24 7/7, no matter what timezone or place. The Shopitag chatbot answers any request
Good Support
In our advanced plans it is possible to make the chatbot answer more personal than just the standard messages.
Smart upsells & downsells
After a customer buys a product they are 33% more likely to buy another (relevant) product. Shopitag can sends chat messages and/or e-mails to help you do an upsell
Abandoned Cart Recovery
We all know abandoned cart email tools... but can we do better ? Yes we can! Shopitag uses both email and messenger to reach out to the visitor
Lead capture
We gather the relevant information of the visitor and you decide how you will further persuade the person on the chat. Maybe use our coupon system for that?
"Each pop-up shop has an identifying # code. After your shop is linked to Facebook, people can send your # code to your FB Messenger channel. Works immediately, without any dev or coding!"
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